Saturday, December 12, 2015

Video from Thunder Lizard

Here is some video from a recent gig with Thunder Lizard.   More to come soon....

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thunder Lizard Recording

Thunder Lizard is an organ trio for the 21st century.  The band has strong roots in the classic jazz organ trio tradition but with a contemporary take on harmony and rhythm stemming from European jazz as well as influences from rock and world music.  The band features recent British transplant, Nick Peck, on B3 organ. Nick is quickly becoming a mainstay of the Vancouver and Victoria music scenes. Old friends, Joe Poole (drums) and Jared Burrows (guitar), have a twenty year history of collaboration that shows in their rhythmic connection.  The trio performs compositions by Nick and Jared with a focus on odd meters, heavy grooves, and heartfelt improvisations.

This recording was made during a live performance at Presentation House, North Vancouver, October 21, 2015 and was engineered by Lawrence Wu.

A studio recording and video are coming soon.